For a multitude of dredging and other related applications, look no further! The E-Dredger® can handle any job put in front of its boom!

E-Dredger Albatros, dredging

Same Balanced Design… Same E-Crane® Benefits

The balanced design of the E-Dredger® minimizes tipping, even when fully loaded. This superior balance allows the E-Dredger® to bemounted on virtually any type of barge, even ones without spud poles! The E-Dredger® requiresvery low power consumption, with a maximum of 225kW (300hp) at its peak usage. This leads tosignificant fuel savingswhen compared to other floating diggers, as the E-Dredger® consumes just 35 lit/hr (9.25 gal/hr).

Important Dredging Advantages

Along with the advantages of the必威真人游戏 , the E-Dredger® also features:

  • Automatic E-Dredger®Superlift Mode: reduces the need to discharge material from an overloaded grab, eliminating spillage of potentially contaminated silt
  • Specialized hydraulic grabwith greater closing force for superior digging performance
  • 紧凑的设计:self-propelled nature allows for travel all over the world under its own steam