E-Crane gives the Green Advantage

能源消耗和环境影响是投资新港口设备的关键,换句话说,港口起重机的环境影响需要最小化。On the other hand,the cost associated with handling one ton of bulk material also has great importance,as this shows the economic feasibility.

When handling difficult dry bulk materials as well as steel scrap,hydraulic material handlers have become standard and are considered the most suitable solution for the job.Wherever you look,传统的缆索起重机正被更快、更通用的液压装置所取代。


在过去的几年里,在现代液压材料装卸机上也可以看到朝着更高能效的方向发展。现在,一些制造商为机器提供混合动力系统,在这种系统中,动臂下降功能释放的能量被储存在蓄能器中。When the boom is lifted again the stored energy is utilised to support this movement.Usually an additional cylinder is required in combination with an energy storage system.Suppliers claim to save 30-35% on the energy bills.

在电子起重机上,我们没有走同一条轨道,由于我们的基本设计已经产生了市场上最节能的液压起重机。利用平衡原理,where the stick is mechanically connected to the rotating counterweight by means of a connecting rod,负载可以以通常所需能量的一小部分从A点移动到B点。在物料搬运机上使用混合系统所实现的节能突然变得微不足道。电子起重机的原理很简单:从节能设计开始,而不是从根本上适应效率低下的设计。

在任何电动起重机上,机器的重心始终保持在回转支承内,as the movement of counterweight and stick are synchronised.因此,a balance situation is maintained and guaranteed at all times.当使用较轻的负载工作时,可移动的配重使臂在向上拉动动臂时几乎自动上升。在较重的负载下工作时,可移动的配重可确保在较低的液压工作压力下平稳提升。


还有一种趋势是电动机器,instead of the traditional diesel-powered material handlers,even on mobile machines.For material handlers this is considered to be a product innovation.

What others see as an important innovation has been common practice for decades at E-Crane — electrically powered machines are nothing new for Belgium's only manufacturer of bulk handling cranes.所有机器都配备了电动机作为主电源,并且已经有一段时间了。When no shore power is available,the machines can be equipped with a diesel generator set.在任何情况下都可以在岸电和柴油机之间切换。The optional use of a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) can further reduce the size of a diesel genset,如果需要。



Thanks to the electro-hydraulic powertrain working at relatively low hydraulic pressures,the E-Crane is already one of the most quiet cranes on the market.然而,作为一种选择,E-Crane can install an additional sound dampening package to meet even the strictest demands.


平衡原理,完善和成功实施了200多台电动起重机。provides a nearly perfect balance between the movable counterweight and the weight of the crane boom and the stick plus half of the payload,在所有半径。

Outstanding benefits are:
•  Very low wear costs as the crane operates with low pressures and the balance is ensuring an equal load spread on components
•  Smooth,起重机的谐波运动
•  Unique,adjustable floating point (automatic boom float),which helps to ensure grab filling in difficult conditions and prevents damage to ships and tools

电子起重机的设计为所有承重钢结构提供了最高质量的制造。high-class corrosion protection and reliable hydraulic components from renowned suppliers,such as Rexroth and Caterpillar.Design classification meets the highest possible standards in FEM or DIN,设计寿命最长。电子控制包括远程诊断和半自动起重机操作的可能性。

所有关键备件,including slew bearings,pumps and cylinders are in stock in one of the regional DC's around the world,即使在最偏远的地方也能在很短的时间内买到。这就减少了运营商对备件库存的需求,只需定期维护所需的备件和消耗品,plus a limited selection of items,方便随身携带。


电子起重机不仅以供应设备而自豪,but rather long-term solutions for bulk material handling challenges.After delivery and installation,e-crane人员仍留在现场进行操作员和维护人员培训,由于这是一种实践,客户和供应商都将从中受益。

When it comes to in-depth training courses for operators,maintenance personnel and terminal managers,在比利时公司总部的电子起重机学院也可以安排额外的培训。

In addition,E-Crane can also carry out all maintenance activities for clients.All-in maintenance contracts are in place for an increasing number of E-Crane users around the world,使起重机业主能够专注于其核心业务。Regular site visits by a certified E-Crane field service technician are made to support the client in the best possible way and to carry out preventative maintenance tasks.电子起重机通过持续的操作员培训进一步帮助优化卸载过程,bottleneck identification and process evaluation,并就如何整体优化码头运营提出建议。


所有这些都说明了E-Crane对成为长期合作伙伴的坚定承诺,rather than just a crane supplier.


如果其他人声称提供绿色替代品,E-Crane really delivers — even more so when looking at machines that reach a life of 60,000 hours and more.E-Cranes provide longer outreach ranges than typical material handlers,从25米开始,all the way to 50m.这种延伸允许以最小清洁度卸载任何类型的驳船或船舶。电动起重机的工作循环能力从5吨到60吨以上。

Although E-Cranes are compatible with any type of hydraulic grab,E-Crane's clamshell buckets are designed with a powerful closing force affording maximum fill and eliminating spills and carry-back.The E-Crane operator's cabs are equipped with a state-of-the-art control system for easy machine operation which builds operator confidence,reduces cycle times and maximises productivity.

All in all,the E-Crane design makes the machines ideally suitable for high- volume industrial and mission critical applications in the most demanding working conditions — something that has been proved many times on all continents.